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Art and Philanthropy, It’s a Beautiful Thing.

All you have to do is talk to Corina Alvarezdelugo once, and you’ll know she has a heart of gold. I was drawn to her because I read she wanted to give one of her sculptures to an organization which is helping to further a cure for cancer.

In particular, she wants to give it to a group so they can auction it off and raise money to really delve into better screening for women with dense breast tissue. If you represent such a group and want to get a hold of Corina concerning the sculpture, here is her email: corinadotdash@gmail.com

The piece is beautiful with, it’s a sphere, a breast wrapped in a pink ribbon crossed in the front. Cancer has touched Corina’s family and she wants the piece of art to go to a deserving organization. She has made breast cancer awareness buttons and mirrors which she sells on her ETSY site. Corina is from Valencia,Venezuela. She was schooled for a time in Connecticut, returned to her native country and then came back to the Nutmeg state with her husband to raise their children in Branford, Connecticut. Corina’s first formal training in art came from Venezuelan painter and sculptor, Luis Alverezdelugo, who later became her father-in-law. His beautiful works include a painting he did of Guilford, Connecticut. Corina, an award winning artist, loves to makes round sculptures and then turn it into something great. One of her spheres ended up with four different noses and wire for hair signifying people of the world. Corina does beautiful paintings, but told me she prefers mixed media, and I do mean mixed. She collects anything that she feels might be right someday for a painting. That includes scrap material from the art studio and gallery she is building which will adjoin her home. There is a treasure trove of ideas in her bag.

Corina is quoted as saying “through my art I let out experiences in life, what I feel inside, my interaction with this world.”

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    Go Corina!, I wish the interview were a little longer.
    Thank you for sharing the link.