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Connecticut’s Gem of a Place With a Movie Star Name

The clock outside the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center says it’s nearly time for a show.

I spend a lot of time at The Kate because I’m a true believer in the arts.

The world is a better place with theater and music and art and dance, and children’s shows and all need to be supported.

The Kate is a non-profit venue. The board of trustees on which I have served for years, is dedicated to making this a wonderful place for all ages.

We’ve only been open since September of 2009, but I’m proud to say we’re in the black, we’re making a go of it. Much of this is because of the Executive Director who took a chance and came on board when the venue was still under construction. It’s in the old Town Hall in Old Saybrook, Connecticut and is on the National Landmark Registry.

Ex. Dir. Chuck Still is running the organization with very little help and has done it masterfully. He is booking shows and keeping the place in tip top order. We are blessed that he is the guy at the helm. There are a corp of volunteers as well that have fallen in love with the place and without all of them we would not exist. To experience this from the ground up has been an amazing ride for all of us involved.

Pictures on this page include portions of our museum to Old Saybrook’s most famous resident. On May 12th, a U.S. postage Stamp for Katharine Hepburn will be unveiled at the venue and we are thrilled about that in hoping that more of the world will find out about us.

It’s a beautiful, comfy place.

Come to a show at The Kate, I think you’ll have a really good time and you too will be supporting this venue which makes the world a better place.

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