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It’s All About Children and Families in CT

For more than 200 years, the Child & Family Agency has served southeastern Connecticut’s children and families. For the last 56 years, the agency has held it’s annual sale filled to the brim with wonderful items for people to purchase at a bargain basement price. This is a major fundraiser for the agency and it is well attended every year. I never miss it, because I know the monies are all going to help so many in Connecticut. Their motto “Buy A Bargain, Help A Child!”

Everybody pitches in for this event. Tons of volunteers from the agency and others are on hand to sort and unload boxes and that includes sailors from the Naval Sub Base in Groton. This year, even my good friend, Missy Mitko came along. Missy is a middle school teacher in the Clinton, Connecticut school system and knows first had how important it is to lend a helping hand to children.

The sale runs annually over a period of four days and Sunday is always a bonanza with things marked way down.

Judy Lovelace who worked tirelessly for the agency summed up what the agency does, why it’s so important, and why your dollars mean so much.

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