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Christine Ohlman is Rockin the Beehive

How fun was this sitting in a diner booth in Guilford, Connecticut with the Beehive Queen herself, rocker Christine Ohlman.

Ohlman has a new CD out called “The Deep End” and she wants the world to know about it. If you’re a fan of her’s you’re gonna love it.

Born in the Bronx, one of her biggest influences growing up was Ronnie Spector and they are now friends. In fact her list of  “friends” reads like a who’s who in the musical world. Chief among those friends is G.E. Smith who she played with for years in the Saturday Night Live band.

Ohlman adopted the blonde beehive long ago, it seemed to go with her love of vintage clothing and voila, the image was born. The trick to making the platinum hair stay put? Adorn hairspray, she says it has the perfect staying power.

In fact, if you google “beehive queen” Christine Ohlman’s name comes up.

Ohlman was a journalism major at Boston University, but it was music that called her name. She started writing songs and fell into “deep southern soul.” She often got to play that kind of music on SNL.  The show has given her a lot of great moments.

Ohlman says she’s often referred to as the female Bruce Springsteen, which she likes very much. These days her sound is described as contemporary rock, R-and-B. When she sings, she sings to one person even if there are thousands in attendance. She says the greats know it’s not about you, it’s about the audience.

Sitting across the table from Ohlman eating her healthy oatmeal for breakfast and me with my french toast, I can tell you she is just a peach. She is smart, kind and warm, and gives back as much as she can especially in the world of music. One example, she conducts seminars on women in rock history at the Institute for Musical Arts in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Ohlman has a ton of gigs coming up  in the state, just check her web site for all the details.

Oh, and by the way she teaches voice lessons to adults when she’s not on the road. Really, on Monday afternoons in Newington, Connecticut. How do you reach her? info@christineohlman.net.


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  1. Valerie Morrell
    Posted May 26, 2010 at 10:40 pm | Permalink

    I have seen her several times, especially at the former “Wharf” in Madison when they used to feature bands. Supporting our local performers is key to keeping good musicians alive and growing in Connecticut!