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Jaki is Creating a Buzzzzz in Connecticut

It continues to amaze me, or maybe it doesn’t actually by now since I’ve been writing this blog about all the cool, creative people that are in Connecticut.

On Facebook I started a connection with Jaki Valensi-Lauper who is doing a show on line called Jaki’s Buzz. This petite mother of two is a dynamo. She asked me to come on her show and we taped today.

Behind the camera, (gosh cameras are so small now and the quality is so great), for all her shows is her husband, Mike Lauper. I detected a slight accent and asked him where he was from. He told me he was born in Switzerland but was raised primarily in South Africa. Just know that, that could have sent me into a whole other conversation, but I stayed focused on doing Jaki’s show. Also behind the scenes helping out in this endeavor is Matt Sauro, who is a tech guy, who owns “At Your Service Computer Consulting.” There is Lisa “Gabby” Durkee of Gabby Productions, LLC whose son will be attending Roger Williams University in the fall. My twin daughters are there and I LOVE that school. Also Jamie Arabolos whose studio was the site of the shoot. What a cool place that is. Jamie calls her business “Master Of None” because Jack or Jill of all trades was taken, pretty clever I think.

Jamie’s brand new exposed brick interior space on State Street in New Haven is delightful. Kitschy and fun. It’s a place you can rent out for meetings or art exhibits or anything you can think of, keep that in mind.

At the end of our taping, Scottio Arnold walked into “Master of None” and lit up the room. Scottio is going to be joining the Jaki’s Buzz gang. Scottio, an actor, has moved back to Connecticut after living in Los Angeles and doing a show you might remember called “The District” starring Craig T. Nelson. Scottio played Officer Scotty on the show. He has a huge personality and a smile that is more than charming. This father of four wants to now bring his talents to New Haven, there’s no doubt he will be embraced.

This is a whole group of great folks I never would have met, if it weren’t for social media, by the way that’s a hint to all of you reading this.

I had a ball taping this show, and Jaki ,who is an actress, is giving it her all chatting up folks all over the state with her perky delivery. A breath of fresh air indeed. If you’ve got something going you think she might want to know about get a hold of her at www.JakisBuzz.com

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