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Connecticut’s Beautiful Shoreline Invites You To The Party!

If I hear one more time “what is there to do in Connecticut?” I’m going to scream. This is a destination folks. This is not a drive-thru state to Boston or NYC, park your car here, get out and see what the state as to offer, in this blog post it’s about the gorgeous Connecticut shoreline. The state of Connecticut, in it’s economic mess, only gave tourism one dollar this year. On the surface that seemed catastrophic. I actually think that was good. It caused people to come together and join forces, use their heads and figure out how to carry on without the state. Smart, forward thinking chamber people said,” hey, we’ll do this ourselves and from East Haven all the way to Old Saybrook, soon to go all the way to Stonington on the Rhode Island border, you now have a brochure and website called Visit Connecticut Shoreline.  VisitCTShoreline.com Brilliant! This should have have happened along time ago, but here it is. Folks came together volunteered their time, got a sponsor for the brochure and as of this week you’ll start seeing the brochure and website everywhere. This group called a news conference to shout their message from the rooftop, but only one TV news outlet dropped by, and they got rerouted because of coverage of bad weather, sooooo here I am, Annie Mame to give you the story about the state I love, Connecticut. I’m perfect for this because as a television news anchor who is a walking breathing, talking chamber of commerce, I get it and know how important it is to get this information out there. So what’s in this brochure and web site? You will see where to play and where to stay…simple enough. If you’re reading this and you aren’t in the brochure, you can get on the website. All you have to do is get a hold of these folks thru their website. They’re putting together a Facebook page too to push out all this info and you can help with that too. Hop on board folks there is safety in numbers in this day and age. So again, pull off of I-95, get out of the car and start getting to know Connecticut’s shoreline, you’re going to be blown away by what you see, and every little business you walk into as you enjoy your stay will be glad you found them. Oh and by the way, a huge round of applause for the folks who took the bull by the horn and are making a difference in this state by putting this new shoreline chamber together. Keep up the good work!

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    You are so right about CT as a destination. Soon after we moved here in 2001, I remember getting off our I-84 exit and saying, “Whenever we travel, we have so often driven past exits that seem to disappear into the woods and wonder what’s down the road a mile or so, and now it is us.” We really do have a great destination state and as you know, we are trying to bring that to people’s attention with the workshops.
    Thanks for being such a great champion.