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Scott Case~Problem Solver, Game Changer.

scott-caseTo say that Timothy “Scott” Case is a nice guy is a huge understatement.  An incredibly successful technologist, entrepreneur, and inventor who grew up in the Cos Cob section of Greenwich, Connecticut. While it is a wildly affluent town, he worked hard in high school and college, what he got he earned. He attended Greenwich High School and when it came time, he applied to many colleges. In the end it was the economics of the University of Connecticut that drew him there and he told me it was one of the best decisions he ever made. He thrived there and didn’t come out of school in debt.

This University of Connecticut Engineer, father of four children and one rescue puppy, is all about making the world a better place. Seems to me that Scott, after talking to him, has been a problem solver for most of his life. Engineers like that kind of thing.

As a Senior at UCONN he started working with a professor and helped to found Precision Training Software. It was the company behind the first flight simulator for PC’s. It trains pilots how to fly on instruments. He would go on to invent other online technologies and business models like “name your own price.” Scott is the co-founder of Priceline.com. The business flourished and he sold it in 2001.

Case says in order to find out what works you can’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s how you grow. He ought to know, he has dozens of patents.

He told me he can’t remember the last time he watched TV news, and he doesn’t get the paper. Everything is online and yes, he’s on Facebook and Twitter.

At the root of this sensational mind is a down to earth guy who met his wife soon after he arrived at Uconn. She moved in three doors down in their freshman dorm and they’ve been together ever since. He says she is his harshest critic and he’s wild about her.

After a lot of success, Case turned right away to philanthropy and is the CEO and vice-chairman of a non-profit organization called “Malaria No More.” He told me one-hundred million dollars has been raised to eradicate the dreaded killer disease that affects hundreds of millions, especially in Africa where he has traveled many times. The organization buys and distributes insecticide-treated nets so that people can sleep and not be afraid of contracting malaria from mosquitoes. He told me he won’t be satisfied until the disease is eradicated.

To spend some time with the Wilton resident, is to feel as if you’ve been immersed into a think tank, discussions are heady, it’s an intellectual workout. Exhilarating actually.

Case has, and will continue to change the world, to make it a better place. He says that’s his nature and it comes from his Mother.

He is chairman of “Network for Good”  an electronic portal through which non-profit charities raise money on their own websites and on social networks. Over time more than 400-million dollars has gone into thousands of nonprofits.

I asked this freshly-turned 40-year old what he might be doing in five years, after hearing his talk I asked him whether he was considering a run for office. He told me others have asked him the same question. He didn’t rule it out. Whatever he is doing in five years, I suspect it will be big and it may alter the future of something. He enjoys exploring the big picture, doesn’t even think on a small scale.

Case gave the 2010 graduation speech at his Greenwich High School. It was short and to the point, relevant and entertaining and drove home the point about what it means to be blessed. He told the graduates they  won the lottery because they live in the U.S., they’re educated, loved, and have food clothing and shelter. That adds up to “opportunity” which means they have the tools to go out and change the world for good.

Postcript~ Case is now, as of March 2011 heading StartUpAmericaPartnership.org as set up by President Barack Obama. His focus is on American Entrepreneurs and their firms through his role as CEO of the organization. Case is helping to celebrate and accelerate American entrepreneurship as the driver of America’s competitive advantage. The country is in good hands.

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  1. Helen
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    Beautifully written story Ann!

    • Annie Mame
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      Helen, thanks. What a great guy, and a genius too.

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    Learning about the many wonderfully special heart and minds that make up the fabric of CT is an exhilarating ride. Love it…thanks for another great one! CB

    • Annie Mame
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      Chris @followcb You too are providing a much needed path to the positive, so needed these days. Enough with the negative!