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Legendary “Mory’s” Reopens at Yale

morysGo ahead carve your initials into the table. That’s what students did for decades at the legendary Mory’s, a drinking club at Yale University.

Mory’s originally opened its doors in September of 1849. It is “re-founded” and opened in August of 2010. It has been closed for about two years, but is back after $3 million in renovations and ready to take in as many Yalies and those who have who have no affiliation with Yale as the place can pack. You heard that right, you don’t have to be a Yalie anymore to become a member. Mory’s drips in Ivy League history and the renovations are perfect, new, but with traditions preserved.

Upstairs the rooms look pretty much the same, the walls are lined with memorabilia, photos of members who have come before which includes U.S. Presidents. The Bush family is prominent here, as noted in the last photo in the post.

There are new bar areas at Mory’s inside and out. There is an outdoor eating area on the first floor now and a roof top bar which overlooks Yale’s iconic Administration building and the nearby graduate studies.

New management is throwing everything at the historic place including a new menu to compete with tons of new bars and restaurants which have sprung up in New Haven.

Mory’s is still a “club” which means you have to be a member. Who can join? Well a Yalie or someone affiliated with Yale or as I said up top, anyone can be a member now, the guidelines have really loosened up to get folks in the door.

As for the history of the nineteenth century establishment, it was opened by Frank and Jane Moriarty “Mory’s” and it has seen wars, prohibition, redevelopment, relocations and even campus riots to quote the new brochure on the place.

Over the years, it’s most favorite leader was Louis Linder, who encouraged Yale singing groups to come down to Mory’s. In 1909 a quintet, an A Capella group, started meeting there every Monday evening and called themselves the “Whiffenpoofs.” They are now world famous and continue to sing at Mory’s every Monday night when they are not out on tour some where on the planet.

There is a Mory’s song sung when the “cup” full of well, anything alcoholic, is passed and it goes in part…

“To the tables down at Mory’s, To the place where Louis dwells, To the deal old Temple bar we love so well…”

The club has, and does, entertain world leaders and celebrities and folks just like you and me. Get yourself down to Mory’s one of these days and take a look around. If you’ve already been there, leave your stories here in the “comments” section, I’ll be looking for them.

Oh, and cidentally if you love the sound of the Whiffenpoofs, you can book them for any event you’re having, they are their own entity at Yale and are available, they are terrific.

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