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Attn: Entrepreneurs in College Connect With Sami

Sami Jensen of Poor and Pretty is just downright adorable. No bigger than a moment, this 23-year old UCONN student from New Britain, Connecticut, is bright and bubbly and exudes “full-speed- ahead-enthusiasm.”  If Sami is what the future looks like in this current messed up world, we’re going to be in good hands.

Sami and a girlfriend in December 2009 decided to put up a blog called “Poor and Pretty” to write about fashion and food, cosmetics all the things that a lot of young women find fun.

Sami’s friend decided to give up the blog to move onto other things, so now Sami is the sole writer of the blog and she’s looking for contributors and others to write about.

The logo for the web site was designed by Adams Morioka out on the left coast. Sami contacted him and told him what a fan she was and voila! Morioka is a big deal in the design world.

Sami is all about taking care of our planet and being sustainable and making cosmetics that are home made. She is all about “do-it-yourself” items. DYI is so popular right now because of the economy, everybody is cutting back. DYI is nothing new, that’s how I grew up being the eldest of four children, that’s just how we got along. Now it has a fancy name, DIY.

If this sounds like you, if you have this kind of spirit, get in touch with Sami, at sami@poorandpretty.com. Write for her blog, share your ideas for new businesses, who knows where this might lead.

Sami Jensen’s future is nothing but bright, good thing she likes to wear shades.

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