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I Say There Old Chap, Where Do I Park The MG?

DSCN0230-300x2251Most things vintage catch my eye and so when I knew the 2nd Annual British Wheels on the Green in Madison, Connecticut was underway, I headed there with the camera, my youngest twin daughter, Katie took hers too, and off we went to capture yesteryear.

It’s the craftsmanship that’s just so cool to see.

Owners, showing off their restored Aston Martins and Rolls Royce’s, okay there was only one of those. There were Triumph’s and Jaguars and Lotus’s too. I guess if you drive one of those they have to be a really bright color. From the front those cars look like a giant smile to me.

Those who weren’t owners of the vintage cars wander about to see what’s up under the hoods of these beauties. What’s under the hoods are spotless engines.

The event was sponsored by the Jaguar Club of Connecticut and the Jaguar Club of Southern New England.

It was a gorgeous fall day for folks to be out just starring at cars, some thinking they should trade up or down as the case might be.

There were a lot of MG’s, from many years all over the green.

The owner of one cherry red MG did the whole, British summer day in the country thing with the tennis racket and the luggage on the back, something you’d see in the movies. For instance “Love Story.” Remember that car that actors Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal tooled around Harvard in?

There are so many car clubs around the world for each specific make. Members meet and talk about cars and figure out where they’re going to show them off next. They sell and swap cars to each other too. Funny how collectors of anything find each other and chat about what they love to do in their spare time.

My shot of the British flag in the foreground and a Congregational Church in the background, all taking place on a New England gathering spot, the green. I thought it was rather ironic. When you think about it, it was religious freedom that folks sought as they sailed away from England, and in this picture, the two are kind of reunited.

I digress. Anyway getting back to the cars, the wheels and the grills on these babies are amazing, again it’s the craftsmanship that you have to admire.

For those who are, and were Triumph owners, you understand the trials and tribulations of owning such a vehicle. I remember a friend of mine had one and it seemed like the darn thing was always in the shop, but it sure was cute.

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