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A Stylin Hotel for Your Pooch

DSCN0982-300x2251Wanna go bye-bye in the car? If you were a dog the answer would be one big “ruff!”

The newly opened Metro Pooch in North Branford, Connecticut is a 5,000 square foot hotel wonderland for dogs that is open 365 days a year.

This place looks like one of the chi chi frou frou gorgeous New York City Hotels, but this is only for four-legged guests.

There is a huge indoor area for them to run around in that is kept spotless, even has classical music playing on their playground.

At night the dogs have their own private suite in which to fall asleep  complete with a camera in the room called Doggie Vision so you can see them if you are away and tell then nightie-nite. They will be lulled asleep with Canine Lullabies, really I’m not kiddin ya and they have a turn down service too with a treat before bedtime.

You can find out so much about them as well thru their Facebook page about what’s coming up at this luxury place for Fido.

While your pet can spend the night there it is also a day care center and their are plenty of regulars that show up that way too.

Metro Pooch is so cute inside and its owner, Kristen Delea Sacco could not be more friendly, she’ the lead dog whisperer in the joint and with her clicker the dogs respond to her very nicely.

I learned that it is really tough to get shots of these cutey pies as they are roaming about so much but with, it was rather easy because the pooches are so responsive to her.

I’ve never seen anything like this place, clean and accommodating and upscale and loving which is what you want for your “child” when you drop them off. She even has little treats in a lamp that is in the lobby of the place.

Has help from time to time from friends and even her Mom and Dad when they’re not down south for the winter. This is a really unique idea for man’s best friend, and  has a heart of gold.

Take a tour with Kristen around this swanky little place.

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