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Paula~Mom Extraordinaire and Lifestyle Editor

To me Paula Modarelli Cocozza of Fairfield, Connecticut is a grownup Gidget, as in the 1960’s show starring actress Sally Field. Something was always going on in Gidget’s life, she was vibrant and fun and had oodles of positive energy, just like Paula. One thing Paula has that Gidget didn’t, a wonderful infectious laugh. You could have a terrible day and if you were around Paula, everything would seem brighter. She’s just plain fun.

I have known Paula for a long time since she was a producer at News 8. She went on to bigger TV markets and then got married and is now a vibrant mother of two darling children. Okay so there I said it, I’m on record as loving this gal.

Paula is now the Living (lifestyle) editor of a website called GalTime. They couldn’t have picked a  better person for the job. As a former television producer she knows how to write and she knows what women would like to read and how to put it in a context to keep readers coming back. Paula is busy cultivating information on her page of the website that covers, home decorating, renovations, organization, crafts and hobbies, pets, green living, technology, and holidays. You’ll find a whole lot of other things on this site to, a great place to log on and get information and chat with other women about anything, and I mean anything.

If you have ideas for Paula and perhaps would like to be a contributor you can contact her at pcocozza@galtime.com If you meet up with her,  or get her on the phone, you’ll hear that great laugh that sets her apart as one of those people you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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