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Double D Diner Masked Crusader

DSCN1269-300x2251Rich DiGirolamo is anonymously changing the lives of people he doesn’t even know. This happy go-lucky guy who runs around in a beanie cap with a whirlybird on top is doing a lot of good in the world, it’s what drives him.

By day, DiGirolamo of Wolcott, Connecticut has a business motivating people and companies to help them reinvent in these tough economic times and how to have a good time in doing that. He refers to himself as an Organization RECESSitator, thus the hat which says “Is It Recess Yet? If you book him for a seminar, a talk, some of the participants leave with one of his whimsical hats. He says it’s his way of  looking at the world a little differently you know that “out-of-the-box thing.”

Out side of his “day job,” he dons a mask calls himself Clyde Sdale and delivers money to small organizations, soup kitchens striving to make a difference for many down on their luck. How does he get the money for this? Well, he dreamed it up on a beach in Rhode Island after seeing some folks eat way too much food. He thought if people just gave up just one meal, and donated that money, so many could have a meal that otherwise wouldn’t. That lead to the “Double D Diner. Double D stands for “Don’t Eat It, Donate It.”It’s a virtual diner where anyone can go on line order up food and the cost of that meal goes into his piggy bank for the less fortunate. You should see the names of the entrees appetizers, desserts he dreamed up to put on the menu, so clever.

Rich has it very easy for you to give. It’s so easy to do, order up a great meal, it takes you to a Paypal account and voila! He’s made 6 drops so far in Connecticut and in other states and wants this to really take off across the country. He is helping you give in his Batman and Robin kind of way. Robin would be his waitress sidekick.

Rich’s day business is here: RichDiGirolamo.com

You can find Rich at the Double D Diner here at Onelessmeal.org

Here’s an example of when Rich makes one of his drops, in this case it was at a soup kitchen in Syracuse, New York

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