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Roses With A Heart For Your Valentine

Not all roses are created equal. There are roses and then there are roses. At Pinchbeck’s Rose farm in Guilford, Connecticut the roses grown here are some of the most fragrant you will ever come across.

Since 1929 Pinchbeck’s has been making life more beautiful, helping people say “I love you” with flowers.

The roses  here have special meaning because it is part of a program called “Roses For Autism.” This is a place where the autism community is employed, and it is a site to see how well this program works. Autism is a lifelong disability and only 12 percent of those on the autism spectrum are employed. This is a place that is making a difference in a lot of lives.

When you pop in to buy your roses, or order them online , you’re getting a beautiful product and the price you pay goes to help others. Not only are these flowers fragrant, but they seem to last forever. Buying here feeds into the buying local and giving back and it’s what we all should be doing as much as we can.

Roses can be purchased here for any event, including weddings, corporate functions, luncheons, school fundraisers, whatever.

You can volunteer here too if you would like, just go on the website to learn how. The rose farm is open for tours too. You’ll be able to see the enormous greenhouses. There is 150-thousand square feet of greenhouse space. More than one million roses are sold every year.

As an extra bonus to this post, Lori Gregan shows you how to make the most of your rose display once you get it home.