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A Window Fit For A Royal Princess~ Kate Middleton

Well alright then, stunning just stunning, Kate the commoner is now a royal, a real Princess. She wore a gown very reminiscent of Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace was also married in April but in 1956. Princess grace’s first daughter, Caroline and I were born on the same January day and my twin daughters were born on Grace Kelly’s birthday in November, strange right? Anyway, billions watched on this day as the 29-year Kate Middleton married England’s Prince William. Who doesn’t love a fairy tale, if even for a moment.

The United States was of course all caught up in this affair and right along with it Connecticut. Why not have a little fun, after all the same crowd watched 30 years earlier in the wee hours of the morning as Diane Spencer took her walk down that very long aisle at Westminster Abbey in London. The folks over at New Haven, Connecticut’s English Building Market got on board with all the royal doings by designing window front.

It’s a storefront window is fit for a Princess. The gown in this expansive space up front wasn’t designed by Britain’s Sarah Burton (that is who designed Princess Kate’s dress) but rather by two young extremely artistic employees, Kristen Meyer and Ricci Harke. They are best friends and were in each other’s wedding. They work with all things yesterday in the store, fabric and paper. They are famous for their designs around the shop and in the window and for this occasion made a dress out of white coffee filters and muslin, quite economic don’t you think, though you couldn’t wear it.

This is in the store window along with a wedding cake made of scraps of fabric rolled up into rosettes, and their are bouquets too of the same material. A styrofoam ball and glue gun will take you far in making this beautiful eye candy.

There is a flower girl dress too of shiny rosettes and tulle, lots of tulle. There are crystals on the floor and chandeliers. Marking the royal wedding occasion champagne is flowing in the enormous shop of yesteryear, vignettes abound here and it’s always changing. Meyer and Harke are so talented along with the shop’s owner, Carol Orr, that everything they do here should be captured in a magazine or an e-zine, or whatever it is these days that people are reading.

Look below and click on all the photos for a closer view of what makes this place so special. Oh and of course click on the video so you can hear how Meyer and Harke dreamed up their royal wedding window idea.

What’s up next for this window on Chapel Street? I’m told it will be a garden, but the design is under royal wraps right now, as big of a secret as was the mystery behind Princess Kate’s wedding gown.



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    Superb article~Thank you Ann!

    • Ann Nyberg
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      Jolene, thanks for reading and commenting, let’s hear it for yesteryear!