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WTNH-TV~On The Air At 8 Elm Street For 28 Years

Broadcast Engineer, Phil Zocco of Niantic, Connecticut lives, eats, breathes and drinks WTNH-TV, News 8 in New Haven, Connecticut. The station (abc affiliate) wouldn’t be on the air without his steadfast dedication to “making it happen” on time and live. Zocco began his career in October of 1979, he remembers the exact date, it was the 10th. He can recite chapter and verse about anything that has happened at the television station and he does it with pride.

Zocco reminded me that on this date, May 13th, 28 years ago we went live in our current building at 8 Elm Street, moving over from the old building on College Street in New Haven. Where was I then? I was nearing the end of  my tenure at my first job in television at what was then WSJV-TV in Elkhart, Indiana. Who knew I would end up in Connecticut for so many years, but so glad I did.

After all this time Zocco has a lot of stories and he really should put them in a book, but writing isn’t his hobby. What is? Well anything that has to do with trains. Big trains, small trains, trains that go around Christmas trees, miniature train shows, you name it and he can tell  you anything about trains. He’s ridden all kinds of trains too all over the country, yep he’s pretty passionate about the tracks. Just ask him. In fact if you look closely, you’ll see that in this interview Zocco is wearing a sweatshirt which says “The New York~New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co.” True to form or what?

Zocco is always asking everyone at the station about their families and he shares plenty of stories about his kids and his Mom and Dad. He’s an all around great guy and like I said, we couldn’t get the signal to your TV’s in Connecticut if he wasn’t on board.