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If It’s Sunday, It’s The Chester Market

DSCN4281-262x350-224x300If it’s Sunday and it’s summertime or early fall, the Chester, Connecticut Market is underway. It’s smack dab in the middle of this movie-back-lot kind-of-town along the Connecticut River.

The Sunday Chester Market has the freshest of produce and meat and fish and there are artisans too selling their wares. From 10 until 1 in the afternoon every Sunday the shops and restaurants are all open too at the same time. There’s so much to see and do at these markets it will take more than one Sunday to fell like you’ve accomplished seeing everything.

There is music too, the acts are all booked ahead of time for your listening pleasure. If you have folks visiting from out of time and they’ll be around on a Sunday, this is a great spot to take them.

Chester, Connecticut is a beautiful little historic town which was settled in 1692. It’s Main Street where the fair is held is a bout a city block in length, but there is a ton of fun jammed into this small area. Pretty much year round this town is a destination place.

This is a real animal friendly town too, and the market you’ll see all kinds of pets out for a stroll with their owners.

There are plenty of famous folks that live in and around this quaint town, and yes. they’ll be out and about at this event, that’s why they live here to take advantage of all the goings on here right at their finger tips.

This truly is one of those towns that makes Connecticut special, take my word for it and venture out on a Sunday and you’ll see what I mean, make sure you go hungry because there is plenty to eat along the way.

To the organizers of this event and all the volunteers that make this happen, congratulations, you’ve created something special here, it’s the kind of fair that used to be mainstream in America.