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Live On Stage At Fairfield Theatre Company

DSCN4160-350x262-300x224The Fairfield Theatre Company in Fairfield, Connecticut has come a long way in ten years. It’s now a 3-million dollar non-profit organization with upwards of 200 shows a year.

What works for this arts venue is music and lots of it. Not only is there a 200 seat StageOne black box theatre, but the staff also programs the 1400-seat Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport. There are also plans for a third house after a capitol campaign. It would be housed in an adjoining warehouse to Stage One. It’s envisioned the theater would be about 300 seats.

Producing Director, Miles Marek says as long as people from around New England and New York keep coming, he’s putting acts on, whether that means one or two or three. stages.

The headquarters of Stage One in Fair was at one time an old factory. It had been the town’s recreational center, a gym. That all got ripped out and in went a flexible stage and seating.

Because there is safety in numbers when it comes to the arts, the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County has its office in what will be the new entrance to the theatre. Soon as you enter you’ll wind your way through works of art before you get into the theatre, just another feast for the eyes before a show.

While the Fairfield Theatre Company does a lot of shows for adults, there is plenty to children too and all of that can be found on their website.

The organization has partnered with BizzBuzzTV.com as of late and they do all the video posting of the shows they do, a really smart idea. Of course they’re also on other platforms, Twitter, and Facebook and wherever else they can be, all important these days in helping the arts grow and prosper.