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Change Your Spin Cycle

Rebecca Pickering of Newington, Connecticut wants you to rethink how you do your laundry. We all do it right? But what if there was a better way, a more efficient way?

Pickering, a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University, got a bright idea about how to be eco-friendly with her wash and made it a business just one month ago.
She came up with a way for you to get rid of those dryer sheets and replace them with 100% felted wool balls, about the size of a tennis ball. Yep, she makes them herself. You throw them into the dryer with your wet clothing. What does this do? Well, it cuts down on drying time (less electricity) separates the clothing and makes them soft and gets rid of static cling. You can use them over and over and over again. They’re unscented, but if you want to add a scent to your clothing, you could put a little essential oil on the balls or perfume.
Since that was such a great idea Pickering thought she needed to come up with a nifty detergent that is concentrated and smells fresh.  So she did that too. She makes  three scented soaps, castile (smells like peppermint), aloe scent, and classic fresh.

A small bag that will set you back only $5.00 could do up to 50 loads. Hello, savings or what? This Connecticut gal is a genius.

Pickering is selling her wares under the name “Like a Fresh New Penny.” Where did that come from. She told me her Mother used to tell her that when she was a little girl when she was all squeaky clean. You will find her products on ETSY and on her Facebook page under Like a Fresh New Penny.

To girl her products a whirl she sells what she calls “starter kits.” It comes with a bag of detergent and three of the dryer balls and a little wooden scoop so you know how much to put into your washer, it’s just a tiny bit.

A great idea Made In Connecticut.

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  1. Posted August 10, 2011 at 8:35 pm | Permalink

    Wow!! Hats off to her ..that is awesome… Give us women a little more time and we will re invent the wheel….I remember the tennis balls years ago for down jackets….

    We have to get back to basics…I was explaining to someone today..when we arrived from across the pond we settle into neighborhoods that represented our culture. We shopped among each other and when a woman found a better butcher she let everyone know…

    The beginnings of ” Social Media Networking”

    Thank you for shining the light on such creative gals……