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The Baldwin Bridge is 100!

It’s not every day that a bridge gets to mark a 100th dedication celebration, but that’s the case with Old Saybrook’s~ Old Lyme’s Baldwin Bridge on August 24th, 2011. At the opening ceremony of this Connecticut bridge ten decades ago there was a parade of 500 decorated automobiles. According to the Old Saybrook Historical Society thousands came for the event by train, automobile, carriage and on foot. That was a ton of traffic because at that time there were just slightly more than 21,000 cars registered in the state. Since its dedication, there have been two new bridges constructed in its stead. Before that time there were just little ferries used to make the trip across the Connecticut River and sometimes it took hours, can you imagine?

To mark this big occasion there will be quite a parade of vintage vehicles again headed over the bridge and back including 100 year old cars like the one in which I will be riding. It’s a 1912 Buick roadster owned by Richard Willard of Vintage Motorcars of Westbrook. You should hear the horn on this puppy, you squeeze a big rubber ball on the outside of the car to announce your arrival or to tell someone to get out of the way. This is truly exciting to be a part of the next part of the history of this span.

The event is sponsored by the Old Saybrook Historical Society and if you’re reading this and want to be a part of the celebration all you have to do is go to their web site and fill out an application to have your antique car there too. Pre 1976 cars are free i this parade. Can you imagine if there was once again 500 cars going over this bridge, that would be a site to see especially from the air. There will be a big red bow on our car reminiscent of all the decorated cars 100 years ago.

I want to thank Robert Lorenz of old Saybrook, Connecticut for the photos of Me and Rich Willard in his roadster.

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