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He Has A Front Row Seat At The Academy Awards

He was just in from the Telluride Film Festival and just about headed out to the Toronto Film Festival, and so it goes for Woodbridge, Connecticut’s Scott Feinberg, The Hollywood Reporter‘s new Chief Awards blogger, as in Oscars and Golden Globes. He’s a busy guy these days as “Oscar Season” is underway. The “Oscar Season” runs from September every year up to the awards show. We chatted over at 116 Crown Street in New Haven, Connecticut about his newest venture. The lighting at that popular night spot was perfect for Mr. Hollywood.

Feinberg has been counting down to the Oscars since he was about 14 and the 9th grade. In fact it was trivia that got him into what would become his career as an awards analyst. He set out to see films that appeared on the “greatest” lists and the “best of” lists.  In all to date he’s seen more than one thousand movies. Now he just has the view the best of the best and then gets to interview the biggest stars in the land.

Feinberg went to Brandeis University and eventually set up his own site about the movies called appropriately ScottFeinberg.com it was all about his picks to win. His best guest ever was 21 out of 24, that in itself is amazing, but that’s just how much he knows about the movies. He has one of the world’s strongest track records when it comes to forecasting who will win an Oscar.

After setting up the website, people started to notice including those in the Entertainment Department at the Los Angeles Times.  They called and he started working for them. As he became more and more popular The Hollywood Reporter in the midst of a makeover noticed him too and now he’s on board. I dare you to ask him anything about the movies, he’ll know whether its a flic from back in the day or a just released movie.

Feinberg’s is among the top now of those writing about “awards.” There is of course Variety and a few other bloggers and now studios are calling him to interview their stars every year as the race gets heated for that coveted gold statue.

Feinberg gets invited to Hollywood parties and hangs with A-listers and of course is front and center at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. He says he takes different folks with him every year so they can experience for themselves the glitz and glamour, while he loves all of that stuff, this is work for him to be “the guy in the know” at all times so that when he blogs on The Hollywood Reporter people click on to see what he knows and watch his interviews. You can see all of his interviews to date of which there are hundreds on his You Tube Channel.

Did I mention that the day of the Academy Awards is basically a national holiday at my house? Clearly Feinberg is speakin my language. Oh and he hardly ever misses on his Oscar picks for follow him.