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Susan Granger~ Child Actress, Entertainment Reporter, Movie Critic

Some of you may remember, Susan Granger who was an entertainment reporter in the late 1970’s for what was then WNCH-TV, which is now of course WTNH-TV (abc). Granger is now, and has been for a long time, a syndicated movie critic and she knows what she’s talking about having grown up in Hollywood.

Granger of Westport, Connecticut was a child actress who was directed by her father, S. Sylvan Simon back in the day. Simon, a director and producer was with Warner Brothers and then went to MGM. Her father died at the age of 41 and her mother remarried to Hollywood Producer, Armand Deutsch. So you can see Granger had quite the life.

We spent our time talking about growing up with actor’s kids in Beverly Hills and dinners with Frank Sinatra and how she got from there to Connecticut. It was as simple as being fixed up on a blind date with a Doctor back east, and the rest is history. The black and white photo is of Granger sitting on her Dad’s lap typing away, little did she know then she would spend all of her adult life doing just that, pecking away at the keys writing stories.

Granger went to Mills College for a time in San Francisco and recalls a class with Pierre Salinger who said to students “those of you who get an article in the San Francisco Chronicle will get an “A” those who don’t will get an “F.”

After having two children at a young age, Granger landed a job at WICC where she was to do a segment called “Household Hints.” She told me she got a lot of help doing that from female friends as the “domestic thing” was not her strong point, she wanted to be a working girl. She then went to WCDQ in Hamden, Connecticut before she got a a call from WNCH (which of course is WTNH-TV) to do entertainment reporting, right up her alley with her connections. After years at “8” she went back into radio at WELI and soon started into movie reviews in many publications.

Granger says she sees more than 350 movies a year, that’s the kind of thing you have to do if you’re going to review them. Her office is filled with Hollywood biographies and artifacts from Hollywood, she’s the kind of gal you could spend a lot of time with and get a ton of stories about what it was like being a part of that old Hollywood system. Here are some of those in the video below.