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Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame

Who are the women behind the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame? On the right is Geena Clonan, the Founding President of the organization, on the left is Katherine Wiltshire, it’s Executive Director. Though these two are in leadership roles, there is a staff and trustees and friends of this organization that make it one of the best in the country.

We met over coffee in New Haven to talk about the group’s goals and accomplishments over the years and about ways to further get the word out about what it does.

Surprisingly not every state in the country has such an organization, in fact most don’t, something I think has to change. Think about the power of having a Hall of Fame in all states connected to the National Women’s Hall Of Fame. The networking and connecting and continued trail blazing for women that could happen would be amazing.

Connecticut’s “Hall” is now 18 years old and is changing and evolving with the times. It has embraced social media to get the word out about its services which are vast. In the forefront for this organization is education. The CWHF is working hard to bring the histories and stories of women into the classroom through downloadable lesson plans and activities.

The organization’s brand new website is a virtual place online where you can go and visit and spend hours reading about the outstanding women who have been inducted over the years and the milestones they have reached, and how they accomplished that. Trust me there is so much information and content on this site, you’re going to need to pull up a chair and spend some time here learning about the outstanding women this state has produced. It is the hope this will get women thinking about what is possible in all all areas of life.

If you find that you are compelled to get involved with the CWHF, get in touch with them and help this group continue to lead the way in spotlighting the best and the brightest.