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AJ Jansen Is A Country Rebel Rose

At six years old AJ Jansen, growing up in Torrington, Connecticut, got on stage at school and started singing and there has been no looking back. She liked the attention, found she had talent, and to this day is going for that “rock country” dream. At the age of ten she started writing music too, and continues to pump out the songs, she’s all original.

Jansen is first generation Polish and music is in her blood. Lots of musicians in her family including her Grandfather who played the harmonica back in Poland. She settled on country as her genre because she says it seemed to fit growing up around polka music and folk and rock at the same time. As a kid she worked at getting on the stage, any stage. She sang in school, and even entered beauty pageants, to get her singing talent out there. She confessed the talent part of the pageants is all she cared about, the rest, not her deal.

In 2006, Jansen won the Connecticut Country Music Association award and that sent her to the country capital of the world, Nashville. That trip got her in front of some big time country folks where she could show them her singing and writing chops. Now she sings from time to time at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut and any other place that will book her. She has her own band now and a brand new husband. Brian McKee is Irish guy and bringing her a lot of luck as he looks out for her and acts as her manager. Now the goal is to really go for it. Jansen wants to bring her kind of country rock to the masses and one day, sooner than later, sell out Madison Square Garden. I love that she has that goal, why not?

The folks down in Nashville call her “Jewel with an edge.” When you talk to her she does remind you of the country singer, Jewel. She calls herself a “Rebel Rose” because she’s doing her career her way and not following the old rules. She does a lot of singing at race car events on the modified circuit which is a very smart idea. Racin and country, a perfect fit.

AJ Jansen is as sweet a person as you find that just happens to have a ton of talent, help her get the word out there so she can rock as many worlds as possible. You can listen to her at work below.