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Things Are Buzzin In Watertown

Catherine Wolko of Watertown, Connecticut is passionate about all things bees, in this case honey bees, Russian and Italian honey bees. Her father was a bee keeper so she grew up around those little flying buzzing things and was not afraid of them. A few years back she decided to follow in his footsteps and become a keeper of bees too.   Funny thing is, she’s allergic to them and has been stung many times, but told me nothing that bad has happened to her so she pushes on. She says over time, after repeatedly being stung she’ll develop an immunity to them. For someone who has about 300,000 bees in her back yard she’s pretty darn brave.

Catherine  is planning to take on more and more hives, she has to because she has built her Humble Bee Honey Company around the products she is making from her bee’s honey. She has lip balms,  lipsticks,  creams and lotions, not to mention her thick dark honey and fresh pollen.

If you meet Catherine you’ll probably see her wearing a bee pin or a bee ring, if it has to do with bees she’s all over it. She showed me an old American Bee Journal from January of 1881 that flabbergasted me, one because the paper was so old, and two, who even knew that existed.

Catherine spreads her love of bees by talking about them in schools and even has a bee puppet that she takes with her when she talks to elementary students.

She is a member of The Connecticut Bee Keepers Association and told me there are several hundred bee keepers in the state, but says there should be more as we import more than half of the honey we use in the U.S. from other countries, that’s expensive once it arrives here it has to be tested and such to make sure it is up to standards.

Catherine told me her husband and neighbors are getting used to the bees When the bees “swarm” it’s a bit daunting, but by now everybody knows what is happening on her five acres that she is out there promoting nature. She says her garden every year explodes with wonderful produce because the bees are doing their job pollinating away. Catherine knows her stuff and is delightful and so are her honey been products.


For more videos about Catherine and her bees you can look at her been channel HERE.