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Davey Love Does Radio His Way

DSCN7078-350x262-300x224Davie Love does radio his way, his style, on the internet. He has a three shows going some on the “irreverent” side, not my cup of tea at all, but one is more mainstream. He interviews a lot of musical guests on his Route 1 Radio Show (Route 1 is for Route 1 in Connecticut, or the Boston Post Road as many know it) and gives up-and -comers a leg up by coming on and letting them talk about their latest gigs and play a tune or two. Love describes “Route 1” as playing the best of top 40 Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Freestyle and Unsigned Artists, 24-7. The station streams online and on your mobile.

I decided to chat with Davey over at my boutique “Annie Mame” which was formerly at Venetucci Home in Westbrook, Connecticut and give that big red bar I have in there a whirl. It turns out it works just great as a “set” for chats and such. Annie Mame in the summer of 2012 moved inside Domestic Possessions in Madison, Connecticut.

So the interview takes place in a boutique, okay that’s different, hmmmm maybe there’s something more to this.

I tried to make him shop after the interview, instead he had me looking at pocketbooks by a company that sponsors his radio shows. Gary Choronzy of Connecticut Websites came a long to do the taping, so a big shout out to him for the video, appreciate that very much.

The photo of these two guys in a gal’s store well, is pretty much priceless, talk about outside-the-box. That’s pretty much how I roll these days.

So listen below about what Davey does on his shows and he’ll tell you why he took on the stage name of “Davey Love.”