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A Beautiful Backyard For Music

It doesn’t get more quaint than Chester, Connecticut. Sitting at the top of the village is an historic stone house owned by a couple who have basically opened up their home to the public. The building has always been  a gathering place, so they decided to keep it that way. The three-story gallery home was originally built as a hotel circa 1830 that housed itinerant merchants who came to purchase goods from the local mills. It was called Chester House, a Greek Revival with 16 bedrooms, a livery stable, a billiard room and a dance hall used for community soirees. If the walls could talk here, right?

Caryn tells me because of its central location and size, the site has retained its role in the community as a place for people to congregate. Caryn B. Davis, a photographer, and her husband, artist, Leif Nilsson have hosted art and yoga classes, and bands on their front porch and balcony during town wide events. They have had Rotary Christmas parties, garden weddings, fundraisers for Haiti and for Bring Our Music Back, a peace rally,artist’s lectures, and hosted school groups. Also a “picking party” which they inherited that happens every August where musicians converge to play. This goes way beyond “our house is your house.”

As if all of that isn’t enough at Caryn and Leif’s home they now have started up a summer concert series inviting in all types of musicians into their amphitheater back yard. Leif built the amphitheater for their wedding and it is surrounded by gardens. The place is a hidden gem in the state of Connecticut that you now know about. You can find out what is being hosted by going HERE.