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Neville Wisdom Design Studio

Neville Wisdom is a personable fashion designer originally from Jamaica who has opened up a design studio in the rejuvenated Ninth Square in New Haven, Connecticut. He’s serving up garments of the 1950’s and ’60’s for women with his modern twist. When you walk into his shop you will think “Mad Men” right away.

Neville opened in March of 2012 and is moving right along in his manufacturing and plans to go big time. He wants to be a player in the European markets. His price points are great for the working woman.  I found quite a few things I would have tried on in a flash if I had had just a little more time, I will be headed back there when there is some down time.

The video below was taken at Neville’s opening and shot beautifully capturing the essence of his designs. Good things are cooking here in his design studio, if you slip in now you can watch his progress as he starts on his mission to Milan and you will know it all was developed right here in Connecticut.