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The Frame Shop On Wall Street

Jack Caldwell, a long time framer in Madison, Connecticut has a new shop complete with a revolving wall in the place because he has so many framing selections. He needed more space and came up with that novel idea.It’s called The Frame Shop on Wall Street, Caldwell Galleries.

Not only is he framing photos, and paintings, and posters, but he’s also making furniture which he’s selling and hiw own line of frames too. His Mom is the well known artist, Marilyn Caldwell. Her works have been represented in more than 300 public and private collections in the U.S. and Europe, he has some of works in the shop.

Marilyn Caldwell was invited to take part in a calendar for the White house in 2000, marking the mansion’s 200th anniversary of occupancy. She loves rendering interiors and that’s why she was selected for the honor based on her painting of the East Room of the White House. Jack says his Mother has moved on to more abstract paintings which he also is displaying.

I have been a long time fan of  Jack’s imagination when it comes to framing anything. Most time you just have to put something in front of him and he knows instantly what would look nice as a frame.

Though he is adding a lot of things to his day job as a framer, it’s what makes him tick. Oh, and one more thing, Jack is also a singer-songwriter, you’ll probably hear some of his music playing from time to time in his shop. Here>> MUSIC

So have a good time when you take your work in to be framed, there is a lot going on there.