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Connecticut Inventors on “NYBERG”

So many things have been invented in the state of Connecticut; the Cotton Gin, the Colt .45 revolver, the can opener, portable typewriter, the submarine, and the Frisbee. All things iconic in one way or another. In this edition of NYBERG, I featured three 21st century inventors who are carrying on the entrepreneurial spirit.

Brian Wittman created the MxV1 golf putter. His inspiration was Newton’s Cradle or Newton’s Balls, those steel balls hanging from wires that click-clack from one side to the other, demonstrating conservation of momentum and energy.

You can learn more at mxvgolf.com and on Twitter at @MXVGolf .

For gardeners it was Julien Mathieu’s Dad who came up with the Spearhead Spade, and he brought it to market. It wedges and then it slices because it’s sharper from tip to tail. It’s a slicing action versus a chopping action, It’s like the equivalent of sticking a steak knife in the ground this way (vertically) or butter knife this way (horizontally).”

The Spearhead Spade is manufactured in Coventry, Connecticut, not too far from Storrs. 

If you’re the one shopping for groceries in your family, Jeff Farrell invented something he’d like to see on the front of every shopping cart. It’s called the EarthHook, and it’s a place for shoppers to conveniently carry their reusable shopping bags. That way you can motor about with your little cart and they’re all in front.”

Farrell’s site is EarthHook.com


  1. Posted July 5, 2012 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    Folks who are interested in Connecticut Inventions will want to visit the Museum of Connecticut History’s “Connecticut Invents” blog: http://ctinventor.wordpress.com/
    Lots of fun and interesting facts.

    • Ann Nyberg
      Posted July 5, 2012 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

      Mary, thanks for sending this along, very good information here.

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