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That’s Right, Bristol, CT “Is” Rising

The city of Bristol, Connecticut is on an urgent mission to change it’s look and bring back the vibrancy it once had.

A 17 acre parcel of land, home to shops and a mall, turned to blight years back and it was leveled. Now it’s time to rebuild in Bristol, which is home to the largest sports network in the world, ESPN.

Organizers of the plan and a soon-to open shop keeper who believes in the dream talk about what’s in store.

“We’re actually in the midst of retail recruitment phase right now and Bristol Rising Members are out there trying to recruit some of their favorite retail spots in Connecticut and the region, so right now, we’re trying to keep that list under wraps,” explained Mark Walerysiak from Bristol Rising.

The tenants and young people are signing up in droves to open up shops and live in what will be a new Bristol. You can find out more about what Bristol is doing by going to Bristol Rising, this is exciting stuff for a city in the state of Connecticut.