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Katie Couric On “NYBERG”

129192_5513-350x253-300x216Just before Katie Couric debuted her brand new talk show, produced by ABC and Disney, I went into New York City and sat on her new set and chatted her up. Of course she wanted to talk about the new show for which she is rumored to be getting $40 million a year, but I always want to know more behind all the headlines.

I can tell you that she has a daughter who is a senior at Yale University and she plays the piano by ear, though you probably won’t see that on her national show.

I can tell you that she saw paint in my hair and pulled it right out before our interview. It was white paint from working on my new boutique in Madison called Annie Mame. We are three weeks a part she is my elder, (we are both 55, January babies) we started in the business at the same time, her path lead her to huge things, me, content to be here in Connecticut being its biggest ambassador. So give the interview a whirl, see what you think.

*****Post script….show has been cancelled as of 2014 and Couric  is moving on to Yahoo.