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Operation: Music Aid

Few things can bring people together like music, and George Hauer, co-founder of Operation: Music Aid knows that. George owns the Madison Music Center and has sheet music and instruments for sale and rent at this place, but it’s his wall of honor to American servicemen and women that really gets his juices flowing. His non-profit which he formed along with his co-founder, Clark Kniceley, (a veteran), has put about 2000 musical instrument to date, mostly guitars, in the hands of wounded young Americans who have fought for our country.

The mission here is to supply musical instruments to the wounded who are in  military hospitals around the world and who need extended care. George and Clark want to make sure that these men and women are not forgotten. They stress their foundation has no political ties, none whatsoever, it is about the veterans, period.

George, is a former music promoter who understands music’s healing abilities and so he has partnered with big companies all over the country to get these “healing” instruments into the hands of those who are trying to get past their tragedies and live a new life. Many of these young adults have lost limbs, even so they are mastering playing instruments, it gives them hope.

George and Clark are really humble about what they’re doing, they just want to give back. George’s Dad served in World War Two and received the bronze star for saving the lives of 14 young soldiers. George was not drafted during his time because he is deaf in one ear, so to honor his country and his father, Operation: Music Aid was set up.

As we head into the autumn of the year and our thoughts turn to our veterans I wanted you to know about this wonderful program which is receiving more and more endorsements from those in the music world, and deservedly so. Take a look at the video below that I shot with George and you’ll hear his whole story, it just makes you want to help. Get a hold of George and see what you can do. Some of the letters from those receiving a musical instrument in hospitals are pictured below, from wounded soldiers doing their job, they stop you in your tracks.