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“Dame” Julie Andrews Is Directing In Connecticut

DSCN8572-350x262-300x224Talking to Mary Poppins? Maria Von Trapp? What a thrill this was to sit down and chat up “Dame” Julie Andrews, she received that honor from Queen Elizabeth in 2000, can you imagine? One does not think one would get such a chance, to just kind of hang out with a woman so revered but there she was sitting across from me and she’s as down to earth as they come.

So let’s see, she won an Academy Award for that little movie in which supercalifragilisticexpialidocious became a household word and made a lasting effect on families still to this day in her role in” The Sound Of Music.” She’s won Emmy after Emmy and Tony after Tony and there she was saying to me she hoped she would be a good interview for me. Really?

Andrews just turned 77 years old and is still churning out new things all of the time including directing a musical at GoodSpeed’s Norma Terris Theater in Chester called “The Great American Mousical.” It opens in November 2012 and who knows where it will go from Connecticut, Broadway maybe?

The musical or “mousical” based on a book she wrote with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. She and her daughter are writing a lot of book these days, and Andrews is loving every minute of putting pen to paper with Hamilton. The book Andrews says is really a valentine to the theater and she loves the songs that have been written for the show.

Andrews says she has worked her whole life so why stop now? She says an occasional movie script still comes to her and she says  if something really “yummy” shows up she’s going for it.

Andrews is the kind of “dame” you would want to go grab a beer with. As interviews go this one and chatting up Walter Cronkite a few years back at Southern Connecticut State University will be among the most memorable and I’ve done a ton of interviews over 33 years, anyway enjoy the chat with Julie.