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Goodspeed Musical’s, Michael Price

DSCN85771-350x262-300x224I’ll admit it, I think that Micheal Price is the cat’s meow. I have known him and the crew over at Goodspeed Musicals for a a long time and my oldest daughter, Lindsay Johnson was at one time Price’s right hand woman, his secretary. Price runs a tight ship and he’s tough, but those who work with him, and for him, have learned a lot. People have called him a dictator and probably worse, but over more than 40 years, something is working right. Price isn’t that tough he loves to hug, so what could be so bad?

I have watched him over the years be at the bottom of the Goodspeed staircase shaking hands and getting to know the patrons of the place that puts on America’s Greatest musicals. It made a difference over the decades, a big difference. The beautiful building in which the actors sing and dance is on the Connecticut River and has become iconic under his watch. Try taking an out of state guest to a show there and see if they aren’t charmed by the whole event.

Academy Award winning actress, Julie Andrews is back for a second time here directing a musical and she and Price get on famously. If it’s good enough for Dame Julie Andrews, well then I think you should take Mary Poppins at her word.

If you have never been to a performance at the Goodspeed you must put this on your bucket list, you’ll have a wonderful time. For the coming 2013 season they’re doing “Hello Dolly!” for the first time ever on the stage. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Watch the interview with Price and you’ll find out a lot more about the guy who built his career here and for so many others that graced its stage. Price, over the decades hasn’t given too many television interviews and so this was precious, and I was honored that he said yes, enjoy it.