Peter Sachs, Private Investigator

bridge-010-350x2613-300x223 Ever wonder what it would be like to be a private investigator? You know, tail people and find out what they’re up to for clients?

That’s what Peter Sachs of Branford does for a living, you might be surprised at what the biggest tool of the trade is these days, it’s hiding in plain sight.

Peter tell me “the best body cam, believe it or not, is the good ole iPhone or the Android because everybody is carrying one of these things,” Sachs said. “It’s extremely common. Nobody notices that you’re using them. Nobody notices that you’re using them for something other than a phone call or surfing the web or what have you. So, you could very easily get the photo or the video that you want without anyone thinking twice about you doing it. So it’s not a James Bond situation any more where you’re wearing some kind of lapel — it used to be a button — I would literally wear a button and the button itself would have the lens in it and there would be a wire going down into a large bulky battery-powered thing, the battery would die; you don’t need that anymore.”

Need to call him into action? Here you go:

Markle Investigations, North Haven, CT


Watch the video for more of Peter’s tricks of the trade.


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