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Digging In The Dirt For Decades

Connecticut state archeologist, Nick Bellantoni loves to dig in the dirt to see what he can unearth from the past, there is a lot under the Constitution state’s soil just a few feet. down.

Bellantoni has worked on world class mysteries including remains found that were thought to be those of Adolf Hitler. He loves a good find and you  could talk to him for hours about what he has uncovered. He throws around artifacts from 10,000 years ago like it was nothing, amazing things like that.

We talked about why he became an archeologist and what passions one should possess for those who are thinking about going into this line of work. I think you’ll enjoy our chat.

What’s the find that he would like to uncover….a mastodon…a prehistoric elephant, they were roaming around our state a while back and a few have been found, but not completely in tact.