Don’t Worry, Be Happy

bridge-018-224x300Lionel Ketchian of Fairfield, Connecticut knows a thing or two about happiness, he is the founder of Happiness Club.

Happiness shows you what you do have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have, and we all don’t have lots of things we’ve all lost things, we all have lots to deal with, but if there’s one word, it’s appreciation, it’s gratitude, gratitude is 95-percent of happiness, if we can take stock and be grateful for every moment, the life becomes extremely great and it’s simple to be in control, right now, I’m totally grateful, I live in gratitude, it’s in the moment it’s real, but then you suck the full flavor out of life you’re living in the moment, you’re taking it all in and it’s coming to you and not only am I enjoying life, but when I’m enjoying life other people around me seem to enjoy it that much more because they, it’s infectious and they get some of it too.
Probably the best advice I can give is that people try to volunteer or do things for others, that’s a great way to be happy, do something for someone else, I’ve been doing happiness work for free for years, and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done, a lot of people may not understand that, but there’s an advantage.

To find out more about “happiness” you can go to and find out where to go to one of these clubs for free or even start your own and join the movement to be happy.
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