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Glenn Roth Is Making Music His Way

Glenn Roth of Norwalk, Connecticut is an innovative finger-style guitarist who stepped out of the musical box years ago and started doing his own thing. How did he do that? Well he is among a precious few that has a license to play in the subways of New York City and in the terminal of Grand Central Station. He is a commuter’s dream, stepping off the train and hearing his style of playing echoing through the subway or Grand Central, it’s beautiful. He has been at his craft a long time as so many have, all talented, all trying to cut through the clutter of musicians in the world and get play.

I recorded Glenn as he played a corner of a room at Clinton, Connecticut’s Chamard Vineyards where musicians are flocking as it’s another place to be heard. I have known about Glenn for a long time. We have had Glenn as a guest in our back yard with other awesome musicians and singers at summer parties. I have often thought of doing a  “Daryl Hall” thing at our house. If you’ve seen Daryl Hall’s show called “Live at Daryl Hall’s House” that would be the idea. However if I did this at my house it would probably be in the basement…that has kind of a ring to it “Live from Ann Nyberg’s Basement.” At any rate Glenn is a wonderful musician…listen.