Helping New Haven’s Homeless

Homelessness can hit anyone, no matter your place in life. Liberty Community Services in New Haven has been serving the community for a quarter century providing services to single men and women who are homeless and who may be suffering from drug addiction, mental illness or have HIV/AIDS. These folks help those done and out get a place to live and get food to eat.

Many of us never recognize that this is going on all around us, but it is and there are hundreds of people on the streets of our cities and towns who need help.

As a kid or even as an adult we walk past these folks from time to time, maybe we put a dollar in a tin, maybe we don’t, we don’t like to see it, so we shove it to the back or our minds, the folks at Liberty bring it front and center and there are success stories to be told here and has made the difference between life and death.

Get to know about what this agency and other like it do, you never know when you might need them for a friend or family member, homelessness can sometimes be just one paycheck away.