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Tenor, Micheal Castaldo

 Micheal Castaldo is an Italian-born tenor playing to audiences all over the world.

Castaldo is also an entrepreneur. He rebuilt his family’s abandoned home in Calabria into a rental villa, developed an olive oil cooperative in New York City, has an events planning business that does Tuscan-style weddings on the East Coast and experimenting with a new fragrance.

His passion was, and is music, but when debt came to call that brought about all the other businesses.

Castaldo says the music business is a very difficult business tthat there are a lot of mavericks and not everyone has a conscious. He says there’s a lot of trials and tribulations to get from point A to point B. He had a series of concerts and tours that did not make money and he found himself in an incredible amount of debt at age 40 which was just a few years back.

I asked him what happens when the passion is there and you have a great operatic voice, but it’s not working.

He says you try to figure out what else you can be passionate about, just to distract you, to like live life, to feel and then try to have some success there and then incorporate that back into what you failed originally at. That’s the way he looks at it.”

You can listen to Michael’s music and find out more about him by going to michealcastaldo.com