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A Quilt of Valor for A Veteran

IMG_3236This was such a chance moment that happened, right place at the right time to meet some incredible people. I drove by a sign that said “Quilts of Valor,” it was outside an American Legion Hall in Madison, CT. The sign piqued my interest so I went inside and I’m so glad I did. There, sewing away were women committed to this non-profit organization, making beautiful quilts for men and women who have been touched by war. In nearly ten years, as it was started online in November of 2003, more than 80,000 quilts have been made by thousands of quilters and they have been given to those who have served our country. They’ve been sent to hospitals and Veteran Administration’s group around the world, all different patterns sewn with love. The hall had given them the space to spread out to do their work.

It just so happened that in walked 94-year old Robert C. Bundgaard of Madison, Connecticut. He and his wife wanted to take a peek at what was going on inside too, and there and then these women presented him with a quilt, and I got to see this happen and talk to him, what a sweet moment.

Bundgaard served at Bushy Park in London during World War II along side General Dwight Eisenhower, who of course would go on to become President of the United States. he told me the Supreme Allied Command was inside Henry the VIII’s Castle, can you imagine this, and Bungaard and his team of other meteorologists served the country, told the General when it was go time weather wise for the Normandie Invasion, gives you chills doesn’t it. I’m so glad i went with my curiosity on this day as I drove by the hall and decided to go inside. I can’t say enough about the group I met, sewing away to comfort those who have served.

if you would like to get involved and help make this quilts you can get a hold of the state coordinator, Jane Dougherty. Her email is:   jane.dougherty@QOVF.org