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“Booth Babble”


“Booth Babble” is shot at The Greek Olive Diner off I-95 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Noah Finz and I babble away between nightly news shows at the diner so we thought why not record this and make a show out of it.

I’ve been a News Anchor for decades, in Indiana, Oklahoma and Connecticut.

Noah Finz is a sports guy who has worked in California and Texas before landing behind the desk with me at News 8, WTNH-TV in New Haven, Connecticut.

We’ve been friends for a very long time and I fixed him up with a reporter who used to work for News 8, Kendra Farn. Finz and Farn (don’t you love that?) ended up falling madly in love and got married…fast forward, between Noah and I we have five daughters, think about that for a second if you would.

You’ll note the high production value, in our little chats. We love diners. Who doesn’t love coffee or tea in a diner ware mug? Our thanks to all at The Greek Olive for letting us have our way with their space.












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