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How Do We Make CT Safer?

urlFollowing the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School in which 20 children and six adults were killed by a lone troubled shooter, the state and the nation have opened a dialogue about what to do to make the world safer.

Stanley Konesky has been in law enforcement for 42 years, serving on the streets of Branford, Connecticut and was an instructor at the Connecticut Police Academy, now retired from law enforcement, he wants to lend his ideas to the mix.

Konesky, who know is a Professor at the University of New Haven at the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice, told me we have to identify problems early in a child’s life and listen and care for them, and point out problems when we see them, but he wonders if we really have the will to do this.

Listen to what he has to say, I think you will find it very thought provoking. I think he should be put on a state and national task force to figure out how to make our world safer. At the end of the interview, he said he would certainly do that to serve with others, before more larger problems erupt.