NFL Agent, Branford’s Joe Linta


What’s it like to be an NFL agent? Better yet, what’s it like to be the agent representing the winning quarterback of Superbowl XLVII, Joe Flacco?

Ask Joe Linta of Branford, Connecticut he’s the guy about to do a deal that may be the richest in NFL history.Linta, a former Yale University football player from Freedom, Pennsylvania, never started out wanting to be an agent, it just ended up that way and now, in a huge way. He’s got the guy that every NFL agent wishes they had in their client list, Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens.

Linta talks about how he became an agent and started his JL Sports and had a hunch about Flacco years ago and the rest is history, Linta is the only agent the 28 year old quarterback has ever had, and the loyalty is strong.

Linta talks honestly about what kind of an agent he is and says he and Joe just click.