Adoption and Foster Care in Connecticut

facesHave you ever thought about being a foster parent or adopting a child in the state of Connecticut? Hundreds of children are waiting for their forever homes right now.
The director of foster care and adoption for the state told me on “NYBERG,” that the department is especially in great need of finding homes for adolescents.

Ken Mysogland says the department is looking for people who can accept children at whatever developmental emotional psychological stage or age that they are, love them like their own, help them strengthen, bond with them, help them pull through traumatic events and work with us as a team with the department with services, whether it’s counseling or in home services according to that specific child’s needs and also to have families that are also available to work with the children’s birth families on a case by case basis because we also know that children that see their foster and adoptive parents working with their mom and dad or their relatives really sends a beautiful message to that child that everyone is working on their behalf.

The state wants these children without homes to be loved and they want to be clear they will help you with the transition. If this sounds like something you want to investigate go to their web site