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A Diary of Healing by Mary Ann Wasil

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Mary Ann Wasil of Milford, Connecticut will never be cancer free, ever. Her story is one of courage like so many women who fight breast cancer. Mary Ann, a single Mother of three now college-aged children, was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2004.

Between then and now she fought her first bout with cancer which included a double mastectomy, chemo, subsequently she had a stroke and had heart surgery. All the while she kept the faith and her humor between dark moments and tears and founded a breast health organization for girls and called it The Get In Touch Foundation and created a daisy wheel which guides the viewer how to stay in touch with their body. More and more young girls are being diagnosed with breast cancer and Mary Ann wanted to leave her mark on the “Let me see how I can help others” world. While she thought she had eradicated the dreaded disease, it came back  a few years back and she continues rounds of  chemo to this day

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Mary Ann will tell you point blank that she’s not going to be around as long as she wants to be, but she says none of us knows how long we have, and that while she’s on the planet she chooses to live well, every day. Her book “My Intense and Meaningful Life with Cancer, A Diary of Healing” tells it like it is and it inspires and is humorous and is a very good read for anyone who has hit the wall after a breast cancer diagnosis, she can be your guide.