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“In A Fisherman’s Language”

In A Fisherman's Language

The late Captain James Arruda Henry of Groton, Connecticut did not learn to read or write until he was in his 90’s. Even so he lived a full and rich life. Only his wife knew that he was illiterate.

Once he learned to be literate he wrote a book, each chapter contains adventures of his life. He took his book, “In A Fisherman’s Launguage” to classrooms and read it to children, and became a folk hero and inspiration to everyone who heard the story. He was so proud.

Henry’s eldest granddaughter, Marlisa McLaughlin, describes when the family learned of his decades old secret.

It’s the hope as the family pushes literacy through the Captain’s book, that his story will become a movie, as we speak, the screenplay is on the desk of a Hollywood producer…keep your fingers crossed, this would be the feel good movie of the year.