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CT Author, Suzanne Palmieri


Once a single New Haven single mother on welfare, Suzanne Palmieri is a published author, getting a deal for a total of four books from two different publishers in one day.

Palmieri, also known as Suzanne Hayes, depending on which book of hers you are reading, credits a teacher and playwright for her success at a time when she felt like dropping out of high school and college. Both encouraged her to write, write, write. She ended up with a Master’s degree and is now a teacher herself, impacting the lives of others.

“‘It was a beautiful blue and white house,” was the first sentence Palmieri ever wrote. That novel is underneath the bed. She wrote that novel, tried to get it published, had some interest with agents, she didn’t understand how the industry worked. She wrote another one and that one is also under the bed. However with that novel she got an agent, but felt uncomfortable with the book, and a little uncomfortable with the agent, so she terminated that contract and every writer that she knew at that point thought that she was crazy.

Palmieri told me that’s another thing for writers to know is that you can follow your instincts, if something doesn’t seem right, don’t do it.

The third book… “The Witch of Italy”, is already a hit and her gut told her it would be.

“The Witch of Italy” had its debut on March 26, 2013. “It’s been welcomed with wonderful reviews,” Palmieri said. “So many people are contacting me and I’m so happy about that.”

Coming out at the end of May is “I’ll be Seeing You”.

Palmieri has enough energy for two people and is in a grove now cranking out the books. But even though she is now an internationally published author, she says the most important thingshe’ll ever do is be a good Mom to her three daughters.

For more on her work visit suzannepalmieri.com or follow her on Facebook .