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Disneyland~ “Thirty Days In The Kingdom”



Can you imagine spending 30 days at Disneyland, driving through the gates of Walt Disney’s so-called ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ everyday?

Matt Ferrell, an actor, imagined doing that and then made it a reality and wrote a book about it called “Thirty Days in the Kingdom” . He had never been to the park in Anaheim, California, only to Disney World in Orlando as a kid with his family.

What did he find at Disney’s original park? Did he get sick and tired of it going day after day?

“I decided it was the happiest place on earth just because everybody’s there for whatever reason kind of vibrating at a higher frequency of happiness, and whatever it is for them;  Donald Duck, a certain ride, a certain childhood feeling,” Ferrell said. “And Walt really talked about that there was this spot inside everybody … that there was this unspoiled spot free of prejudice and hate that all lived within us, and that’s what he was hoping to capture in the park. And I really feel that he did in a lot of ways capture that.

“So that was the feeling that I wanted to try to isolate and discover a little bit more, and learn how to take that with me because as a kid, I also talk about that in the book having these recurring dreams, pretty much nightmares, where we were going to the park and it would close or we couldn’t find the entrance and I would just wake up miserable wanting to go to Disney and every time we went on a family vacation I loved it and I never wanted to leave.”